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An engagement is one of the most important ceremony in the men’s life and they want to look good in clothes in which ever dress they wear. So, that the men can match with the bride’s dressing style. But they face lot of confusions in which dress they want to wear for the ceremony and to make a good impression in front of his in laws. With many styles options available in the online or stores, men can choose the dress whichever dress they want to wear and also need to after comforts while wearing the dress. Below are the engagement dress for men in summer.

Nehru Jacket

Studio Finesse

If the engagement ceremony is scheduled to take place in the summer season then this can be the best dress to wear for the ceremony. The jacket has the cheery marigold which is symbol of traditional Indian Marriages. So, men can wear the bright orange with grey pants for avoid looking over the top and also outfit can be perfect who are looking at reasonable price.

Bright Blue Multicolured Jacket

Knotting Bells

This is another dress for men who love their friends or brothers who wants to wear co-ordinated clothes for the ceremony. So, this jacket can be wore with white sherwani which has squad goals written all over it. So, the designs are decorative and make the men feels like that this is the dress they need to be wearing for the engagement.


This design is one of the best engagement dresses for men and electric blue kurtha comes with a blue floral patterned jacket and light blue pants and the dress can be suitable for the men who can wear with lot of confidence and also wear the bright colours with quiet self-assurance.

Ivory Jacket with a Bandhgala

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In case, if the men are glamorous look, then can wear an ivory jacket with Bandhgala which is embellished with a pink-tinted extended natural design. Even men can pair it with deep pants for an Indo Western look. So, this style can be ideal for engagement dress for men in summer.

Men should be afraid to experiment with their style on their outfits and above  dresses are the best clothes for the ceremony and all matters at last is smart dressing and comfort in whichever dress they wear. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about engagement dress for men in summer. Thanks for reading!

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